Self-Paced Trainings: Carbon Pricing Policies

Understanding Carbon Pricing Policies

These resources and trainings will help you understand the details of carbon pricing policies like a carbon fee & dividend.

An Introduction to Carbon Pricing - Beginner

This training covers Carbon Pricing, the flagship element of CCL’s policy agenda. It provides an overview of why this is an important policy area for addressing climate change and what types of policies CCL supports.

Economic Basics Of Carbon Fee & Dividend Policies - Beginner

This training highlights the key economic components of the three dimensions of carbon fee and dividend policies like the Energy Innovation & Carbon Dividend Act and explores the reasoning behind CCL's support of such policies.

The Economic Benefits For Carbon Fee & Dividend Policies - Intermediate

This training evaluates the climate and health benefits of the Energy Innovation Act, comparing these benefits to the cost of the policy, and explaining the widespread support for such policies from economists.

How The Carbon Fee is Assessed and Collected - Advanced

This training explores the policy details behind how carbon-based fuels may be assessed by their CO2 content; what it means to assess a fee as far upstream as possible; and how the Energy Innovation Act might minimize the administrative burden of assessing a fee while maximizing the extent to which the fee captures the full fuel cycle greenhouse gas emissions.

How The Dividend Gets Distributed - Advanced

This training provides a detailed look at how carbon dividends can be returned that addresses questions about the carbon fund, distribution framework, and taxability.

Understanding Border Carbon Adjustments - Advanced

This training reviews the basics of border carbon adjustments, how they're viewed constitutionally and in terms of trade legality, and the practical aspects of border carbon adjustment implementation and constraints.

Introduction To The Energy Innovation Act

The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act (H.R.2307) of 2021, a bill which aligns closely with CCL’s carbon pricing principles, has been reintroduced in Congress. CCL fully supports this bill and is working diligently toward its passage. This guide provides a walk-through of the components of the legislation, and you can also choose to watch or listen for an introduction behind this legislation.