Self-Paced: Climate Change Science & Local Impacts

Climate Change Science

Fundamentals about climate science.

Science of Climate Change - Beginner

This training addresses the sources and concentrations of greenhouse gases, as well as the basic scientific concepts behind climate change. It highlights the importance behind the scientific method and the peer review process, and addresses best practices in communicating this research with other community members.

Climate and Weather - Intermediate

This training looks at how global warming increases the frequency and severity of weather events as well as how this complexity can be effectively communicated to the general public.

Sixth IPCC Assessment Report - Intermediate

This training reviews the most recent Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) sixth assessment reports to examine why it was written, what it tells us that’s new, and how it informs CCL’s work.

Weather Attribution Science - Advanced

Attribution science is the process of quantifying the contribution of global warming to extreme weather and other events. This training discusses the background of attribution science, the process for connecting climate change with extreme weather events, and how we as CCL volunteers can effectively communicate its research and findings.

Local Climate Change Impacts

These trainings highlight the importance of communicating local risks and impacts of climate change and how to use tools to demonstrate what our own communities face to help make climate change more relatable.

Highlight Your Local Climate Impacts - All Levels

Our members of Congress, local media, municipal councils, friends and family are more open to hearing our message if we first find common ground on climate impacts that are local, timely and relevant.

Climate Central Tools: Making It Real, Making It Local - All Levels

Join Karen Florini, Vice President for Programs at Climate Central, for a training that highlights the climate communication tools available to climate advocates from Climate Central, including Climate Matters, WeatherPower, Sea Level Rise, and Realtime Climate, all of which provide timely, personalized alerts on climate impacts & solutions – for every community in the U.S.

Health Impacts of Climate Change & Burning Fossil Fuels - Intermediate

Increasing levels of greenhouse gas concentrations in our atmosphere bring about human health consequences. The release of toxic pollutants is hardest on vulnerable populations such as children, the elderly, and those with asthma or cardiovascular disease.

Sunny Day Flooding & Climate Advocacy - Advanced

This applied training covers how to identify and leverage the sunny day flooding events that occur in your community to create local stories with impact about your community. This training will also focus on how to connect these local stories and use sunny day flooding in our advocacy for coastal chapters